Why Fibonacci?

The beauty and symmetry that is achieved in nature and science through what is commonly known as the Fibonacci Sequence is fascinating.  A sequence of numbers where the next number of the sequence is found by the addition of the two numbers before it. i.e.  1,2,3,5,8,13,21. We can see it all around us from the smallest shells to sunflower seeds, hurricanes and even massive spiral galaxies.

Fibonacci also has a place in project and business management. Starting with one key opportunity can achieve spectacular results. For example, a key tool in Agile development projects is Planning Poker, where the estimating cards are based on the Fibonacci Sequence.  When you look at continuous improvement events, the root cause analysis drills down from the symptoms to focus on key singular defects. These once identified and analysed can be reshaped and built to create fantastic results for our customers.  

In summary the Fibonacci Sequence and our business approach are intrinsically linked, as both start with the key small things to achieve the best results. Perhaps they can both be summarised as:  

Growth Through Change