The seven deadly wastes and how to eradicate them

A key enemy of many services and manufacturing businesses is waste, and if left unchecked it can cause significant harm to both productivity and profitability.

The seven most deadly wastes have been identified and collectively given the name of Tim Wood:

Type of Waste Example
Transportation Movement of items from one place to another
Inventory Excessive stock, items, information or paperwork waiting to be processed
Motion Excessive movement of people within a workspace or poor ergonomics
Waiting Delays between operations or waiting for parts, machines and people
Over processing Processing beyond the standard required by the customer – “Gold Plating”
Over production Producing more than the customer ordered or producing too early
Defects Reworks or failure to meet the customer specification


There is one other key waste, and that is not utilising the skill sets of your teams.

There are several continuous improvement approaches available to help identify waste, such as Value Stream Mapping and Non-Value Add Analysis. These can be used to help a business identify where these wastes are present in their procedures. Once the wastes have been identified, we can deploy a range of tools to help remove them.

We look forward to hearing from you to see how we can help you to limit the effect of wastes in your processes and achieve

Growth Through Change.